Features of Whatsapp Chat App

WhatsApp is a chat application in which we can message a friend or family for free, in it we can message text, audio video and images in any format initially WhatsApp did not have so much features but later upgraded WhatsApp so much. It has been said that with the help of this, we can easily send video images and documents, in today's time WhatsApp is so popular that the business Number and officers of Basic Needs become went to do any work without it is very difficult to know always all steps to come online in WhatsApp in Tikal with features all of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Online

Coming online on WhatsApp is very easy, whatever type of operating system you use, whether it is Android or Apple, install this application from Play Store or App Store. And you can easily use your mobile as soon as you turn on your mobile data and touch on WhatsApp, you will come online on WhatsApp, there are many features in WhatsApp, here we will discuss about all the features.

Availability of WhatsApp

Whatsapp is very popular chatting app, you can easily use this app in Android operating system by installing this app from play store. It has a user in Billions on Play Store. Currently, two different interfaces of WhatsApp have been created, a general WhatsApp and a business WhatsApp. WhatsApp for Business is designed for Business Purpose. This application provides a lot of features as we had discussed whatsapp is for Android operating system as well as whatsapp is available in apple operating system also means that you can download whatsapp from apple app store too You can use your iPhone in the App Store, this app has users in Billions.

How to connect and use Web Whatsapp

The best feature of WhatsApp is web whatsapp, using which you can run WhatsApp in your laptop or computer, for this you just have to click on the 3 dot of the right corner of your WhatsApp and click on WhatsApp then your web browser But type www.web.WhatsApp.com, as soon as you type, a web page will open in which there will be a barcode which you will find on your mobile web WhatsApp Scanning with a scanner will only open WhatsApp on your computer after scanning. Now you can easily use WhatsApp in the system and perform your tasks. Below we have attached some screenshots that will make you easy to understand.

Broadcast Message in WhatsApp

In WhatsApp, we can send a message to many people at one click. Broadcast message this feature. This feature of Whatsapp is the best feature. With which we can easily send a message to several people at once in one click. To send a broadcast message, we have to select and keep those people to broadcast from our contacts. Then when a message has to be made, the broadcast list is clicked and the message is sent.